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  • Financial security of Hudson Insurance Group, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, Financial Size Category XV
  • 30 years of commercial insurance expertise
  • Consultation with Experts on a Wide Variety of Cyber Risk Related Issues, Including Digital Forensics, Crisis Management, Security Awareness, and Breach Response Preparedness
  • Access to Corvus Data Breach Response Portal
  • Breach Response Cost Calculator
  • Educational Materials on Cyber Risk Best Practices
  • Blanket Contingent Business Interruption from Cyber Perils Offered at Full Policy Limit

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What do we know about Corvus Insurance

Corvus mission is to create a safer, more productive world through technology-enabled commercial insurance. Corvus is a commercial InsurTech company. Corvus is not a traditional commercial insurance company. Corvus leverage big data, IoT and the latest digital advances in order to put powerful tools and insight into the hands of commercial insurance brokers and their clients that help them predict and prevent loss.

Corvus Insurance Overview

Smart Cyber Insurance™ offers brokers an advantage over traditional cyber insurance by utilizing non-intrusive network security assessments and innovative web scanning technology to provide better pricing, enhanced coverage, and tools for proactive risk management and loss prevention.

Liability Coverages

Network Security and Privacy Liability

Covers damages and defense expenses the Insured is legally obligated to pay as a result of a claim arising from a security breach or privacy breach.

Regulatory Investigations, Fines and Penalties

Regulatory fines, penalties, and defense expenses arising for a security breach or privacy breach.

Media Liability

Online and Offline Coverage - Damages and defense expenses which the insured is obligated to pay as a result of a claim arising from media activities.

PCI DSS Assessment Expenses

Covers PCI assessment expenses and defense expenses resulting from a security or privacy breach.

First Party Coverages

Business Interruption

Covers business income loss and extra expenses incurred during the interruption period directly as a result of an interruption in service of a computer system caused by a security breach, privacy breach, administrative error or power failure.

Contingent Business Interruption

Covers business income loss and extra expense incurred during the interruption period caused directly as a result of an interruption in service of a computer system of an outsourced service provider caused by a security breach, privacy breach, administrative error or power failure at that service provider. Offered on a blanket basis.

Digital Asset Destruction, Data Retrieval and System Restoration

Covers digital asset loss and related expenses incurred as a result of a privacy breach, security breach, or admin error.

System Failure Coverage

Covers business income loss, extra expenses, and digital asset loss during the interruption period as a result of unintentional or unplanned outage caused by admin error, unintentional damage or destruction, or computer crime.

Social Engineering and Cyber Crime

Covers financial fraud loss, telecommunications fraud loss, phishing attack loss, theft of funds held in escrow, or theft of personal funds arising from a social engineering attack or financial fraud.

Reputational Loss Coverage

Covers business income loss during an interruption period triggered by an adverse media event.

Cyber Crime

Coverage for loss of funds transferred as a direct result of fraudulent input, deletion or change of data in a computer system by an unauthorized third party.

Cyber Extortion and Ransomware Coverage

Covers extortion payments and expenses arising from cyber extortion threats.

Breach Response and Remediation Expenses

Covers expenses related to breach remediation, legal costs to comply with privacy regulations, notification costs, telephone call center, crisis management expenses, credit monitoring expenses, digital forensics, and costs to complete an information security gap analysis.

Court Attendance Costs

Covers expenses incurred to attend court hearings in connection with any claim covered under the policy.

This information is for marketing purposes only and is not a complete description of all products and services offered by Corvus Insurance. Not all products and services in every jurisdiction and the precise coverage afforded by any insurer is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the policies as issued.

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