Sompo International

  • A+ rated insurance carrier with a global footprint
  • Subsidiary of one of the largest global P&C companies with 3 cutting edge research & development labs focused on financial and cyber security
  • Leading terms and conditions with options to customize policies for each insureds’ needs across a broad breadth of industry classes
  • Dedicated industry leading Cyber claim and underwriting specialists who have shaped cyber insurance from its inception
  • Cyber Risk Portal providing current newsfeeds, risk management tools, best practice checklists, incident response plan templates, training materials and more
  • 24/7/365 Claim/Cyber Event/Breach hotline for immediate breach response services, advice and support
  • Access to a diverse network of industry-leading partners providing pre- and post-breach services

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What do we know about Sompo International

Sompo International (SI) offers our clients a dedicated, industry-recognized cyber insurance team that has helped shape the cyber insurance market from inception. Sompo International has A+ Financial Strength ratings from A.M. Best and we are backed by the scale, ratings and financial stability, of our parent company, Sompo Holdings Inc. (Sompo), one of the largest global P&C companies with more than $110 billion in total assets. With Digital Labs in Tokyo, Silicon Valley and Israel focused on financial and cybersecurity, Sompo is the first insurance company to collaborate with tech startups, offering state-of-the-art solutions to address emerging cybersecurity threats.

Sompo International Overview

Sompo International has the depth of experience across a broad range of cyber threats and industries, extensive knowledge of insurance coverages and a network of best-in-class specialists. In addition to protecting your business from damages, we work with your company to reduce risk and the severity of loss, and we are your first call 24/7 to assist with the response should a cyber event occur.

Our 3 pronged approach addresses the full risk life-cycle as our team:

  • Mitigates the risk to your business with our suite of innovative tools and analytics as well as advice on preventative actions that reduce risk and mitigate loss once it occurs;
  • Protects your business with customized policies that cover damages to your business from data breaches, cyber extortion events, supply chain interruptions and your customers, vendors or other 3rd parties who look to you to cover their damages;
  • Responds to our clients’ cyber events through our 24/7/365 hotline with access to hand-picked specialists who guide each unique response to meet legal and regulatory disclosure deadlines, limit fines, penalties and liabilities and reduce reputational damage.
  • Liability Coverages

    Network Security & Privacy Liability

    We cover costs to defend, settle or pay lawsuits against your business made by customers or other entities affected by a cyber-attack or a data breach incident that you suffered. These lawsuits may allege damage to 3rd parties due to your failure to properly handle, manage, store or protect personally identifiable or confidential information, transmission of malware to third-party systems or denial of service. We provide independent 3rd party counsel, expert in cyber law, to defend your interests in these events.

    Regulatory Proceedings

    We cover costs associated with investigations and administrative hearings resulting from a cyber event and the fines or other payments levied as a result.

    PCI Fines and Penalties

    If you accept bank and credit cards for payment then you must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). Your business can be liable for fines and penalties in addition to being contractually obligated to cover bank costs such as card reissuance and customer notifications related to a breach.

    Media Liability

    Content published by your organization on your website or elsewhere, digitally or in any other format, can generate claims of slander, libel, plagiarism, invasion of privacy, and copyright or trademark infringement. We cover costs to investigate, address and make award or settlement payments.

    First Party Coverages

    Privacy Breach Costs

    When a data or system breach incident happens, it is essential to disclose and respond in order to comply with all relevant regulations in the timeframes designated by authorities. Even if the breach was not your fault, you are still required to notify all the appropriate parties. Our knowledge of regulations across multiple jurisdictions (and the latest changes in reporting requirements) will ensure quick and efficient compliance. Our specialists are on standby to help you formulate and execute a plan to investigate and respond to a data breach or other network security incident should it happen. We assist with the following and we will pay the associated costs:

  • Forensic investigation and analysis to determine the cause and extent of the breach
  • Compliance with privacy regulations for noticing affected parties
  • Credit monitoring and identity restoration services to affected parties
  • Planning, implementation and management of a public relations campaign to mitigate the “bad press”
  • Review of contracts to determine if you have promised to cover anyone’s losses in the event of a breach or if anyone has promised to cover your losses (i.e. indemnified third party or your indemnification from one of your service providers)
  • Business Income Loss

    We cover lost income and continuing operating costs due to a business interruption caused by a covered cyber event such as a network outage or performance degradation which happens directly to your business. In addition, we cover the extra expenses necessary for you to minimize or avoid an interruption of service.

    Contingent Business Income Loss

    We cover lost income, necessary operating costs as well as extra expenses due to a business interruption you suffer caused by a cyber event which happens to one of your contracted critical business partners. This includes suppliers, vendors, financial institutions and other 3rd party service providers.

    Digital Asset Loss

    We cover the cost to restore software and data destroyed or corrupted as a result of a malicious attack or other cyber events.

    Cyber Extortion Threat

    We help you determine the credibility of an extortion threat and help formulate and manage your response which may include decryption, reporting, and, if necessary, making an extortion payment in bitcoin or other currencies. We cover the cost of investigation, response, and rewards paid to the extortionist.

    Social Engineering/Fraudulent Instruction

    We cover the costs you incur if an employee falls victim to a social engineering scam like phishing (such as clicking a link with embedded malware or transferring funds to a scammer in response to fraudulent instructions).

    Computer System Property Damage

    While much of the focus is on data and software, we also pay the cost to restore hardware damaged because of a malicious attack.

    The recommendations and contents of this material are provided for information purposes only. It is offered only as a resource that may be used together with your professional insurance advisors knowledgeable about cyber risks, your organization, and the laws of the jurisdiction where you do business. Sompo International assumes no liability by reason of the information within this material.

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