Why You Need to Segment IoT Devices | CyberDot

Why You Need to Segment IoT Devices

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Most modern companies have at least several internet of things (IoT) devices that they use on a regular basis. As one of your cybersecurity measures, you should make it a point to segment these IoT devices, so they are on a separate network segment or a guest Wi-Fi network. Taking this action will reduce the […]

How to Establish a Disaster Recovery Plan | CyberDot

How to Establish a Disaster Recovery Plan

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As part of your cybersecurity strategy, you must be sure you have a plan in place for disaster recovery. You need to ensure if you do not have access to your information or cloud security, this will not bring operations to a halt for weeks or months. Your plan should include the following strategies to […]

What Activity Logging Is and Why You Need It | CyberDot

What Activity Logging Is and Why You Need It

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With activity logging, you record the activities of every user that accesses your network or cloud. There are many uses for activity logging, from confirming that workers remain productive and focused on their tasks to mitigating cybersecurity threats. In the case of a security breach, you can go back and look at activity logs to […]

Cybersecurity Training for Employees | CyberDot

Cybersecurity Training for Employees

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Even with all the other best practices in place, your efforts to enhance cybersecurity are pointless if you do not also provide your employees with related training. Train your employees to spot cybersecurity risks, minimize the possibility of threats, and to report any hazards or threats they notice. Follow these tips to teach your employees […]

What You Need to Know About Spam Filters

What You Need to Know About Spam Filters

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Having a spam filter in place for your email system will reduce the chances of your employees having to deal with spam emails. Spam that makes its way into an inbox can cause numerous issues, from burying important messages to reducing efficiency to serious problems, such as spreading malware. To keep your company safe and […]

Web Browser Security for Small Businesses | CyberDot

Web Browser Security for Small Businesses

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Web browser security is a crucial part of your company’s cybersecurity strategy. Risks like accidentally downloading a virus or visiting an unsecured website can leave your details susceptible to hacking. Most web browser security policies focus on preventing you and your employees from accidentally downloading malware and viruses. They work best in conjunction with other […]

A Guide to Small Business Password Management | CyberDot

A Guide to Password Testing and Management

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Your password is among the first line of defense stopping hackers from accessing sensitive information or making changes. However, a password is only useful if a hacker cannot figure out what it is. Because of this, your business must have strong policies in place regarding password testing and management. Just remember that even with these […]

A Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication | CyberDot

A Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication

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Strong passwords are no longer strong enough for most businesses or even personal accounts containing sensitive information. If a password is your only line of defense, it becomes simple for a cybercriminal to gain access. They can gain access through keylogging, an employee slip-up, or the reuse of passwords. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) steps in to […]

Malware Detection and Removal | CyberDot

Malware Detection and Removal

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The term malware applies to software that has the goal of damaging or disabling your computer system. Because of this, having strong policies in place for malware detection and removal is crucial, as is taking steps to prevent malware. With the right practices in place, you can dramatically reduce the risk of malware harming your […]

The Importance of Patches and Updates | CyberDot | Cyber Insurance

The Importance of Patches and Updates

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Updating and patching are key parts of any security policy, whether you are a small business, a large business, or an individual. Patches resolve issues ranging from major to minor and ensure that you are using the latest version of the software available. Discover why patch and update management is so important, then explore the […]